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PSR2000 Paging Serial Receiver

The PSR2000* is a powerful but low cost PDR type paging receiver/decoder with a single serial data or TTL output.  It incorporates an M16 processor which provides a significant amount of data processing capability. 

The PSR2000 can be used to "paging-enable" OEM manufacturer's own equipment for a wide range of data control applications such as message logging, remote control,  LED sign control,  load shedding etc.

The PSR2000 also provides a relay output and up to 3 digital control outputs or may be interfaced with the RCM2000 Relay Control Board for multiple relay output.

(*Minimum purchase quantities apply)


  • Broadcast Services
  • Data Transfer
  • LED Sign Control
  • Load shedding
  • Remote Printing
  • Plant Monitoring/Control
  • Remote control



  • Text search and replace
  • Inbuilt pocsag encoder 
  • Custom software design for message data manipulation and control available on request.


  • Receivers available for most paging bands (VHF, UHF, 900MHz)
  • Pocsag and Flex™ versions available
  • Serial data port 
  • External antenna on BNC connector
  • Power requirements 9-15 volt DC
  • Very large number of cap codes (>1000)
  • Physical (provisional) 104 x 57 x 14 mm