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Paging Data Terminals, Receivers and Control Products


The PDT3000 Paging Data Terminal is a multi-function desktop or in-vehicle pager capable of receiving messages and displaying them on a large (130 x 40mm) graphical LCD display. Multiple I/O options are also available.


The PDR3000 Paging Data Receiver is a multi-function paging receiver capable of receiving paged messages and processing them in a number of ways. Standard outputs include centronix output to a parallel printer and two serial ports with a variety of output protocols. The PDR3000 also has the ability to provide up to four relay control outputs. Input and output protocols include a pocsag encoder, TNPP encoder/decoder etc. 


The PSR2000 is a powerful but low cost paging receiver/decoder with a single serial data or TTL output.  It incorporates an M16 processor which provides a significant amount of data processing capability.

The RCM2000 provides 32 individually addressable relays able to be controlled by any of the paging or wireless data products such as PDT2000, PDR2000, WDT2000. and can be daisy chained with additional RCM2000s via RS232 to create a highly flexible remote control system capable of providing 100's of outputs.

SPPSF - Store & Forward Transmitter

The SPPSF may be used as a pocsag store & forward repeater or as cross band or cross protocol (Flex to pocsag) pager repeater.



ACU2000-Alarm Concentrator

The ACU2000 provides 12 optically isolated inputs and 4 relay outputs for integration with paging system software or with other third party systems to provide indication of alarm events or send predefined message via an ethernet LAN to pagers or email.

SitePage - On Site Paging Systems

SitePage is a low cost yet flexible pocsag paging solution. The SitePage solution is ideal for local area messaging in hotels,  factories,  hospitals or other sites requiring the ability to contact staff by pager wherever they are in the facility. 

Paging Printer

Print messages received on your pagers directly to a printer.

Custom Paging Solutions

WiPath specialises in the development & manufacture of innovative and unique paging solutions including the paging data receivers (PDR) large display paging terminals (PDT2000) and specialist encoding and decoding products as seen above. We can also develop unique solutions according to your own requirements. Please contact us with any paging requirements you have.


WiPath is also a major distributor and supplier of pagers and paging systems.