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Software for Paging, Messaging & Message Management

Software for Mobile Data

For Voiceless Despatch, mobile data gateway, AVL and CAD software click here

i-Page - Networked Messaging Software for Paging & SMS Text

A powerful network based paging server with IP communications between the server and clients enabling clients on a local and wide area network to send messages to pagers and other text capable wireless devices.   (Personal Edition also available).
i-Page PE - Single User

Single user version of i-Page.
LogPage - Message Logging

LogPage is designed to work with the PDT2000 or PDR2000 to log messages received on either of those devices directly to a PC.  LogPage is a Windows based application with powerful filtering and reporting capabilities.
RePage - Message Exchange Server

RePage has been superceded by LogPage which now includes the message redirection functions of RePage
Interceptor - Paging Interception System

The Paging Interceptor is a system capable of monitoring up to 4 paging frequencies within up to 4 pre-selected frequency bands.  The Interceptor may be set up with a number of filters designed to look for messages on certain pager capcodes or containing certain text.  Intercept filters may be set up that will continue to log a certain cap code once the required text has been seen in a message.