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In House Paging Systems


SitePage is a cost effective multi-input on-site pocsag paging system for local area paging in a hotel, factory, hospital or other site requiring the ability to contact staff via pager wherever they are in the facility.

Desktop Paging Transmitters

Low cost desktop pocsag paging transmitters available for numeric or alphanumeric paging.




Hand Held Paging Transmitters

A range of low cost hand held pocsag paging transmitters for quick and easy transmission of canned messages to pagers.


A wide range of tone numeric and alphanumeric pagers able to be used with our on-site paging systems.

Paging Controlled LED Signs

A range of numeric and alphanumeric LED signs controlled by internal pocsag paging receiver available in most frequency bands.

ClockPage GPS Synchronized Wireless Clocks

The ClockPage GPS synchronized wireless clock system allows analogue and LED clocks to placed throughout a facility to be synchronized to a GPS based central controller and uses paging as the means of updating.

Restaurant Paging Systems

Supermarket Paging Systems

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