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WiPath Communications Pty Ltd - Company Profile

WiPath Communications was formed in 2000 to provide pager servicing and distribute the products of its associated companies in Australia. Pager servicing remains a core activity however the company has grown to become the major distributor of pagers in Australasia as well as representing the range of innovative paging and mobile data hardware and software solutions manufactured by WiPath Communications Ltd and other international suppliers including Apollo Pagers.

The alliance between WiPath Australia and WiPath NZ has created Australasia's primary pager service and repair group, carrying out in excess of 60% of all pager repairs and servicing in Australia and over 90% in New Zealand.

The group specialises in servicing the requirements of paging network operators and mobile communications dealers and large paging users throughout Australia and New Zealand and are fully equipped for servicing pocsag and Flex paging equipment.

With our extensively equipped electronics facilities we are also able to offer contract servicing to importers and agents of electronic equipment who do not have their own service facilities.