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Apollo ALA27 IP52 Pocsag Alphanumeric Pager

The A27 is a synthesised, 4 button, 2/4 line rechargeable alphanumeric pager. The IP 52 rating means the pager is immune to dust and rain ingress. The rugged housing also lessens the risk of impact damage. The pager has a rechargeable battery included and is fully charged in 3 hours using the charging rack. Once charged the batter can last for 1-2 weeks depending on the amount of pages received. The pager holds up to 8 capcodes for POCSAG with a choice of Personal, Maildrop or Group settings. The Personal alert lengths can be set to 2sec, 8sec, 16sec, 32sec and continuous with priority override as an option. The blue LED backlight can also be set to come on when a message is received or button is pressed. Available in Black on VHF or UHF.


  • 4 line display for 84 Alpha characters
  • Blue screen Backlight
  • IP52 Rating
  • Rechargeable or Alkaline battery
  • Total capacity: 259,062 characters
  • 16 memory slots
  • Button programmable.
  • 8 Capcode capacity which can be personal or maildrop with no frame restrictions.
  • International date format dd-mm-yy
  • 2,8,16,32 second & continuous personal alert options
  • Nil, beep 1 & 16sec Maildrop options
  • Priority alert over ride
  • 16 sets of memory, eight lockable
  • Group alert
  • Ten melodies, four beeper sounds
  • 5 Daily Alarm Sets
  • Time, date display
  • Four alert modes:
  • Alarm function
  • Low Battery indicator and alarm
  • Extra Long Battery Life
  • Suitable for Network or Local Area Paging.
  • 12 Month service warranty


Protocols Pocsag Spurious Rejection 40db below carrier

132174 MHz

Channel Spacing 25 kHz
  443473 MHz Selectivity 60db @ 25 kHz
  929-931 MHz Alert Tone Loudness 85db @ 30 cm
Frequency Set Synthesised (ALA25) Frequency deviation +4.5 kHz
Ip Rating 52 Cap codes 8 Cap Codes
Baud rate: 512, 1200 or 2400bps Dimensions 80 x 53 x 208 mm

512 BPS--5uV/M
1200 BPS--7uV/M

Battery Rechargeable AAA or 1.5 V AAA Alkaline